The Magic of Photoshop




Cropping 101

I love how the light from lamp is reflected in the water of the vase. By cropping out the lamp I was able to keep the perfect lighting without giving away the secret that it was coming from a lamp. This draws the attention directly to the focal point of the picture and away from other distracting elements.





The Rule of Thirds

I applied the rule of thirds by moving the ball in the center of the image to the bottom left hand corner. This creates more interest in the photo and focuses the viewer’s eye directly to the Pure Barre logo on the ball.




Filling the Gaps

I found myself absently mindedly spelling the “Buried Treasures” on a vintage refrigerator at a store and thought the mismatched scrabble pieces would be the perfect cover photo for my slideshow. After investing too much time and energy searching for all the letters, I was missing the letters “R” and “S.” Thanks to Photoshop this was not a problem, and I was able to add use text to add my own letters.





I had a blast walking around Label’s and capturing pictures of different high-end designer problems. After uploading the images on my computer I simply could not pick one designer over another! Kate Spade or Tory Burch? Valentino or Prada? Decisions, Decisions…

A collage was the perfect way to incorporate multiple labels into one photograph.





The original photograph of the inside of Traveling Chic Boutique was too dark. Clothing items and details were lost in shadows. By reducing the shadows, the image became more clear and revealed more of the details.




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